1-2 Peter – Out Today!

Hi friends,

The Grace Bible: 1–2 Peter has just been released. You can get it in paperback (compact), hardcover (easy to read) or in a variety of ebook formats.

All purchase options are here.

Grace and peace,


What people are saying about the Grace Bible:

“The ‘honey’ of revelation oozes off the pages of The Grace Bible! Dive in and find the gold of God’s grace!” – Brian Simmons, lead translator of The Passion Translation

“If you’re looking for a great commentary that is simple but not shallow, scholarly but not dry, and shows you the heart of Jesus in every passage, you’ve come to the right place. Whether for preaching and teaching or personal study, do yourself a favor and start using The Grace Bible!” – Jeremy White, pastor, Valley Church of Vacaville, CA

“Finally a grace based study Bible that stays faithful to scripture and true to the gospel of grace!” – Nate Tanner, evangelist at L3 Ministries International, Grandview, MO

2 thoughts on “1-2 Peter – Out Today!

  1. Do you have any idea when the complete New Testament will be done?I think I will wait for that)🤷‍♂️😎

    1. I have no plans to do the whole New Testament. The first three books are written. Whether I do a fourth depends on whether people find them useful.

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