About the Grace Bible

The Grace Bible is the study Bible with good news on every page. Here you will find no guilt or condemnation and none of the usual calls for blood, sweat, and tears. Our focus will be on Jesus—who he is, what he has done, and what you can do because of what he has done. If you have ever asked, “How do I read this scripture through a New Covenant lens?” the Grace Bible is for you.

Much of the material in the Grace Bible comes from its companion website the Grace Commentary. If you have any feedback, typos, or suggestions on how to improve The Grace Bible, you can pass it on here.

About Dr. Paul Ellis

Dr. Paul Ellis is the author of award-winning books and commentaries such as The Hyper-Grace Gospel and Letters From Jesus: Finding Good News in Christ’s Letters to the Churches. A former Bible smuggler, pastor, and university professor, Paul has lived in Australia, Hong Kong, and the United States. He currently resides in New Zealand with his wife Camilla and their four children.

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The “honey” of revelation oozes off the pages of The Grace Bible! The life-giving message of grace is what our world needs—and what we need to hear! Dive into this study and find the gold of God’s grace! – Brian Simmons, lead translator of The Passion Translation, Passion & Fire Ministries

One of my favorite resources is Paul Ellis’s Grace Bible series. If you haven’t discovered it yet, you will be wonderfully blessed. – Ed Elliott, president, Word of Life World Outreach

The Grace Bible is the #1 resource I use when I want to understand God’s word from a New Covenant perspective. I highly recommend it. – Joe Ganahl, lead pastor, Abundant Life Church, Brookings, SD

If you’re looking for a great commentary that is simple but not shallow, scholarly but not dry, and shows you the heart of Jesus in every passage, you’ve come to the right place. Do yourself a favor and start using The Grace Bible series! – Jeremy White, lead pastor, Valley Church of Vacaville, CA

The Grace Bible series brings a much-needed and long-overdue New Covenant-based understanding to reading and understanding the Bible. It is a great study aid. – Lyn Packer, facilitator, New Zealand Prophetic Network

In The Grace Bible Paul Ellis unearths a treasure trove of wonderful grace truth in a way very few have. It stands as a great study resource, highly recommended. – Tony Ide, lead pastor, Freedom Life Church, Perth, Australia

The grace of God is the gospel. If there is one subject that many have not understood it is the grace of God. I commend Paul Ellis for producing The Grace Bible series and encourage all to avail themselves of this powerful resource. – Chris Barhorst, lead pastor, True Life Church, Greenville, OH

Most commentaries are not focused on New Covenant theological perspectives which leaves them in the realm of mixture. I have used Paul Ellis’ website for years when researching subjects. I am happy to have another excellent resource from Paul to use in my studies. – Clint Byars, lead pastor, Forward Church, Sharpsburg, GA

Finally a study Bible that stays faithful to scripture and true to the gospel of grace. Your life and ministry will benefit greatly just as mine has from this grace-centered commentary of the New Testament. – Nate Tanner, evangelist at L3 Ministries International, Grandview, MO

    Paul Ellis’ Grace Bible is a go-to source for commentary from a New Covenant perspective. This priceless resource cuts through the confusion of mixture and provides one of the most sound biblical commentaries I’ve come across. The Grace Bible is a breath of fresh air and a MUST for every pastor and believer in rightly dividing scripture. – Ben Dailey, lead pastor, Calvary Church, Irving, TX

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